Trim Tool & Machine, Inc.

Trim Tool & Machine, Inc., in business since 1999, offers a wide array of machining abilities. Situated in Cleveland, OH, Trim Tool offers full design and build capable: CNC milling, abrasive Water Jet cutting, large & small production machining, secondary operations, die cast tooling, trim dies, stamping, core pins, gages, machining fixtures, and machine building.


When you need a job done, we will get that job done in a timely manner with all expectations met. With all of our combined abilities, Trim Tool & Machine, Inc. is a one stop shop that can take care of you. We take on jobs of all types. Even if you are looking to get only a single part made, send us a quote today.


JET EDGE Case Studies: Trim Tool & Machine, Inc. – Cleveland, Ohio

Trim Tool & Machine is a manufacturer for many different types of custom products. The following variety of products have been built or worked by us:

Custom Products: Trim Dies, Machining Fixtures, Inspection Gages, Core Pins, Replacement and Repair of Machine Parts, Prototype Parts, Manifolds, Covers and Plates, Brackets, Tooling Components, Trim Punch Components, Stencils, Faceplates