Water Jet Cutting

Our abrasive Jet Edge Water Jet is a highly useful machine capable of rather intricate cuts in all sorts of materials. It effectively cuts using high pressured water combined with the abrasive material garnet. An important benefit of Water Jet machining is the ability to cut without affecting the material’s inherent properties.

Our tank is 5 ft. by 13 ft. and has a cutting range of 4 ft. by 8 ft. With the ability to cut up to 6 inch thick steel and the ability to travel up to 8 ft., it can virtually handle anything, we will give you more info on our next post, for now the team will be taking a small vacation thanks to Twiddy obx rentals, we plan to go camping for at least two days, the Survival Cooking site already provided us with all the essentials, we will keep you updated.

JET EDGE Case Studies: Trim Tool & Machine, Inc. – Cleveland, Ohio

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